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Being Very Beautiful

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Posted by: | Posted on: July 25, 2017

The Problems of Being Very Beautiful

So, have you ever walked down the streets of a city and felt people looking at you? If not, I’m sorry but this article isn’t for you – you’re ugly, or not as good looking as me. This is for all of the men that get cat-called, we are a minority but we have a voice, a voice that deserves to be heard.

To those few that remain, the attractive ones, for me at least, the people that check me out always seem to be thirty year old closeted men. I am a straight black man that lives in New York City and am constantly spending all my time there. When I was explaining to my friends this crazy phenomenon they did not believe me in the slightest degree. However, after one encounter with a thirty year old man at a pizza shop that included a lot of ogling and lip licking, my friends quickly understood my dilemma.

When I went to a school in the middle of Manhattan I had the same problem. It is hard to understand just how many bisexual teens attended a school until they are attracted to you. After they find you attractive, they then come out of hiding in their closests, like bees out of a hive looking for honey. This one kid (whose name I will change for undisclosed reasons) Jack was obsessed with me. When we passed each other in the stairs of our school, he would turn around and stare at my butt as I continued to walk up the steps. He denied his attraction towards me and instead started a rumor that I was the one with chemical imbalances causing the attraction which he thought was “mutual”. We all know that it was in fact HIM who needed to sort out his hormones. I was just attractive. I no longer go to that school, yet whenever I go back to visit, I immediately feel his eyes piercing across the halls at my voluptuous booty. I think that I need to give him the number to an addiction hotline…

At first I was creeped out by these encounters, but over time, I’ve learned to enjoy them to be completely honest. The attention is quite nice, and has become a normalcy in my life. Everywhere I go, people are looking. Its the type of stuff that songs are written about, and I cant say that I’m not attractive. I mean, I’m kinda banging. I grew accustomed to the constant attention and it just became a part of my daily routine. Wake up, go to school, get ogled, go home. It is like clock work and you grow dependent.

Sadly, I am only really appealing to closeted, white, middle aged, business men. It is only sad because I am a straight, male, high schooler. I do occasionally attract the few closeted guys around my age, which is pretty cool. My ass is like a conversation starter. The legs and butt are what draws them in, and my personality is what keeps them interested. I hate that I kind of sound conceded but it is the truth. On the bright side, I have made several new friends, but we all know that they are low-key attracted to me…

I was not always attractive though – middle school was rough. Thanks to my extensive allergies and intolerances, I have the body of a gym rat when I practically have a phobia of exercising. I get winded from using an escalator, which by the way I have also be checked out on. That time I was with my father…

Explaining this problem to my friends was much easier that explaining it to my siblings. My friends could see first-hand the struggles that I had to go through, while, my brother and sister couldn’t. About three sentences into my explanation about thirty year old men, they where asking me who had touched me and where. After I blew out their torches and gave the pitchforks back to their rightful farmers, I continued my explanation of how men raped me with their eyes. After I told them, my sister bluntly said; “These men are probably attracted to you because they think you’re gay.” She then went on to point out my skinny jeans and almost choker-like necklace which I was wearing. “Did you really think you looked straight in that, who did you think you where fooling?” she said.

People who are ugly though, should just be grateful. Its a gift. Having people constantly remind you of how good looking you are gets tiring. I didn’t ask for these good looks, they where just given to me; and it is a struggle every single day. Knowing that people have inappropriate thoughts about me and view my body as their aspirations is stressful. I never wanted to have such power, but I know that with great power comes great responsibility. I will continue to show off my wonderful body to the world…